Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beginning the Journey to Change

Photo by Anna Elana Balbusso

I am ready to start the journey to better health and a skinnier me. I don't cook and don't shop. I am 63, have type 2 diabetes, my last A1C was 8.9, I’m 110 lbs. overweight and I am a food addict. But I'm going to succeed and this is my story. My journey is to do a Julie and Julia like thing.  I have a diabetes cook book "Diabetes Meals Made Easy! 2012". I am going to cook my way through it.
Really I’m writing this blog to change my behavior in a positive way to plan, shop and eat balanced meals.  When I succeed, it will be a beacon to others who struggle. My doctor made me test my glucose in the morning and 2 hours after every meal. Well that was enlightening! I found out I was not doing very good. I was using the figure it out in my head right before I eat method. Also to test my sugar two hours after a meal, presupposes that I don’t eat until that 2 hours has elapsed. So the two or three desserts are out.  Also the huge spoonfuls of peanut butter every time I get up in the night are going to have to go.
Meal goal: A pseudo weight- watchers meal plan is a nice balanced plan.
60 grams of carbohydrates per food period
Food periods morning, afternoon and evening
Incorporate at least:

2 tsp oil & some butter

2 servings dairy products

2 servings protein

5 fruits and vegetables

3 servings grains, preferably whole grains

Daily Exercise – Do at least one
Walk for 15 minutes, go up and down stairs at work 2 times, or ride my recumbent bike after dinner for 3 to 5 miles

All this sounds really nice and a balanced plan that will control my diabetes and I will lose weight. There’s no secret, eat less and move more. So what’s the big deal? Why do so many of us fail, even in view of terrible health and self-esteem issues, we continue to eat to feel good. This is where the food addiction comes in. It is a spiritual war and the battleground is our minds. So I will include a thought and verse each week to point to the source of power to overcome, Jesus Christ, the living God. We have to make the choice but we can’t do it in our own strength.
Isaiah 50:10
Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.